Ext-Ins Technologies

Extended-Instruments Technologies, or Ext-Ins, offers specialized electronic products for laboratory and process use. We are closing the gap between what is available and what is required, by offering the right solutions for your specific needs. Some solutions from the field are proven generically useful and are taken into production, please see the product pages.

Extins is coopeating closely with Aquacolor Sensors , Hydrowashr, WetsusLamp-ion B.V., Wageningen Universiteit, Microflown Technologies B.V., Microcreate B.V.

Ext Ins has deep expertise in:

  • Electronic design and realization
  • Acoustics, measurement and advise
  • Micomechanic chip design and manufacturing (MEMS)
  • Very good additional multidisciplinary including chemical, mechanical, environmental technologies

Ext-Ins technologies also offers technical consultancy and assistance, on a no cure no pay basis. Interested? Please contact through email, or call.

Extins Technologies is a Wetsus spin-off company, founded in 2011.

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